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    -If I were an art I would be drawing because I am a very good drawer and I am an art lover. Films because I have a lot of films at home and I’m very interested in producers , actors…and drama because I practice it.
    -If I were a sport I would be Thaï boxing because I practice it and I am into Thaï boxing.
    -If I were a super hero I would be Iron Man because he’s cool and humorous.
    -If I were a type of cuisine I would be Italian food because I love Italian food such as pasta, pizza…
    -If I were a car I would be a Bugati Veyron because it’s the more fast car in the world and the design is super.
    -If I were a residence I would be a villa because it’s cool and I would spend all my times at the pool or the beach and I would like to have a very big house.
    -If I were a sense I would be taste because I can eat a lot.
    -If I were a natural disaster I would be a tsunami because it’s for me the most dreaful.
    -If I were a natural element I would be water because it takes over the others elements and we need it to stay alive.

    -If I were an animal I would be a dog because it’s the man’s best friend and it’s funny, my favourite dog is the Irish Sheperds.

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