• Anaïs

    If I were an animal, I would be a cat because it s cute and sweet
    If I were a super heros, I would be Flash because he runs very fast and my favorite actor plays this character in the film
    If I were a beverge, I would be coca cola because i like the little bubbles
    If I were a sport, I would be tennis because i like this sport and i'd like to practice it
    If I were an art, I would be drawing because i love to draw in my free time
    If I were a type of cuisine, I would be a pizza because it s my favorite food
    If I were a feeling, I would be friendship because i love my friends i am very close to them
    If I were a season, I would be summer because i love the heat and the sun
    If I were a car, I would be a race car because i realy like racing cars
    If I were a residence i would be a beach house because i would spend all my time on the beach and i would have a party every day on a beach

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