• Annabelle

    If I were an animal, I would be a cat because it’s a beautiful, cute and soft pet. I like them. I have one cat. His name is Canaillou.
    If I were a super hero, I would be Catwoman because she tries to spread good around her. Besides, she has no magic powers.
    If I were a drink, I would be Coca-Cola because it is sparkling, fresh and so delicious.
    If I were a musical, I would be “1789, Les amants de la Bastille” because there are beautiful songs.
    If I were a natural catastrophe, I would have to be a volcano because it’s amazing, it’s very interesting and it’s nice to see because it’s very high.
    If I could be a month, I would be December because it’s Christmas and because we receive lots of presents.
    If I were a residence, I would be a house by the sea because I could go to the beach every day.
    If I could be a country, I would have to be India because it’s a beautiful country. Besides, the landscape is magnificent. Monuments are really attractive. Furthermore, there is the Himalaya which has impressive landscapes.
    If I could be a colour, I would like to be green because this colour represents nature…
    If I could be a city, I would be New-Delhi because it is a big, beautiful city and in full development. Besides, they are Auto rickshaws.
    If I could be a book, I would have to be Harry Potter because it’s for me the best series in all the universe! I read this series almost every evening!

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