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    If I were a car I would be a trailer because we could go to holidays with it and I’d love to visit a lot of places in the world.
    If I were a landscape I would be the desert because it’s quiet and really beautiful.
    If I were a country I would be Ireland because it’s a country of parties and it always interested me.
    If I were a residence I would be a beach house because it’s a good holidays house, I could watch the sunset on the beach and invite friends by the seaside.
    If I were an animal I would be the wolf because it can live everywhere. It’s also a free and beautiful animal.
    If I were an art I would be music because there is a lot of styles of music and sometimes it makes people happy. Music brings back memories.
    If I were a drink I would be a lemonade because it’s French and we drink it during summer.
    If I were a season I would be summer because it’s sunny and hot, we can drink fresh drinks, It’s the holidays and often people are happy during summer.
    If I were a city I would be Paris because it’s a very chic and beautiful city, speaking French also helps.
    If I were a sport I would be dancing because it’s an artistic sport. I love watching dancing shows.

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