• Aurélie

    1-If I were an animal, I would be a dolphin because it is very player, cute and seems very king but I have never seen dolphin.
    2-If I could be a superhero, I would be superman because he is fantastic and he has the superpowers to save the people in danger. He is very brave.
    3-If I were a drink, I would be “Coca Cola” because in summer it is very refreshing. I find that is excellent and I enjoy to share one with my friends.
    4-If I were a sport, I would be synchronized swimming because I love swimming. I have practising it for seven years. It is very artistic but it is very difficult too.
    5-If I could be an art, I would be painting because I like the colours very much and I like to go to see painting exhibitions.
    6-If I were a flower, I would be rose because it is very romantic, it smells very good and there is a big diversity of roses which have colours and different shapes.
    7-If I were a monument, I would be the Eiffel Tower because I love Paris and I like to see the view at the top of the tower but I don’t like the height too much.
    8-If I were a season, I would be summer because it’s warm. I can swim in my swimming-pool. It is holidays so there isn’t homework. It is the good life. It’s fantastic.
    9-If I were a country, I would be Spain because I love to go to the beach when there are waves. I’m into Spanish specialities very much. Such as paella and seafood. I like to speak Spanish but I don’t speaking Spanish very well.
    10-If I could be a colour, I would be purple because it is very fashion and all decoration of my bedroom is purple.

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