• Baptiste

    If i were an animal,i would be a lion because it’s the king of the savannah.
    If I were a sport,I would be soccer because I’m a soccer lover.
    I wouldn’t be an art because I hate art,I preferer sport.
    If I were a type of cuisine, I would be chips because they are tasty.
    If I werea season , I would be summer because I love hot weather.
    If I were a car, I would be a Lamborghini because it’s a fast car.
    If I were a sense, I would be sight because I see loveto beautiful landscapes.
    If I were a natural disaster, I would be a volcanic eruption because it’s very impressive.
    If I were an actor, I would be Sylvester STALLONE because he’s a fabulous actor and I love his films.
    If I were a country, I would be Brazil because it’s nice and hot and I would play football all the time.

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