• Chloé D

    If I were an animal, I would be a cat because it sleeps all the time and I having two cats also helps.
    If I were a beverage, I would be Ice tea because it’s so fresh and I don’t like fizzy drinks.
    If I were a sport, I would be Break-dance because I’ve been practising this dance for 1 year.
    If I were an art, I would be movie making because I love to see lots of movies such as Titanic, Fiston and The Snow Queen I like action and emotion.
    If I were a type of cuisine, I would be pasta because there is nothing like a great pasta dish and I’m crazy about pasta.
    If I were a feeling, I would be happiness because I like to laugh with my friends and I don’t like being sad.
    If I were a season, I would be summer because I like going to the swimming-pool and sunbathing every day, I’m keen on it.
    If I were a residence, I would be a beach house because my house shall be by a seaside landscape and I would spend all my time on the beach.
    If I were a sense, I would be sight because there is nothing like eyes that see everything around us.
    If I were a landscape, I would be a city because I prefer the city rather be the mountains. There are many people and it isn’t quiet. I love vibrant cities!

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