• As usual Morgan prepared a great presentation : Christmas in the USA and especially what she loves at Christmas, thank you Morgan!

    (click on the picture!)

    Merry Christmas from Morgan

    Here is Alexandre's and Greg's report, thank you boys!

    For Christmas, the Americans buy a christmas tree.They decorate it with ornaments, tinsel, lights, candy canes and a star.They put outside decorations.

    For Christmas Eve, they eat roastbeef, mashed potatoes, green beans, huckleberry pie, they drink egg nog (eggs, cream, sugar, cinnamon).

    The names of Santa Claus are: Saint Nicholas, Saint Nick, Kris Kringle, Santy, Santa. (In England it's Father Christmas)

    On Christmas day they open presents with their family and they watch a movie or a cartoon. Morgan likes to watch The Grinch. They sing the song of the Grinch.

    We think the meal looks good, the tradition is interesting and the cartoon is funny.

    We also sang an extract of the song from the original 1966 How The Grinch  Stole Christmas cartoon : You can watch it here!


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  • We watched and talked about this poetic Christmas advert for a famous English store "that celebrates the extra mile we all go to at Christmas to find the perfect gift" for the people you love...

    We loved the song so much (The Power of Love) that we studied the lyrics (we hope you'll like it too!)

    Merry Christmas and Happy New year from the Blog team!


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  •  Here's a special message from Santa Claus  : CLICK ON THE PICTURE!

    Merry Christmas!

     and you can create your own...Merry Christmas!

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  • Morgan introduced us to the poetry of Shel Silverstein (Messy Room and  Snowball)

    You can listen to Morgan reading "Snowball" here Two Poems and a Story :

    She also read aloud a beautiful classic story by this author : The Giving Tree

    Thank you Morgan for this delightful moment, we all enjoyed it!

    You can watch her presentation here :

    Two poems and a story


     Here is Wassila's report ( good job!)

    Shel Silverstein

     Shel Silverstein was a poet, a singer, a musician, a composer, a cartoonist, a screenwriter and an author.

     He started drawing when he was 12 years old !

    He was born on 25th of September, 1930 in Chicago and he died on 8th of May, 1999.

    He has written books like « Falling up », « A Light in the Attic » …

    And he has written stories like « The Giving Tree ». He’s the favourite poet of our assistant, Morgan !

    His poems are funny…

    I like this text because I find it cute ! It’s not realistic but it’s meaningful !


    Two Poems and a Story


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