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       My name is Elodie. I am 13 years old. I was born on the 25th November 2002. My mother lives in Vendat and my father lives in Gannat in Auvergne. I have long wavy brown hair. I have green eyes. I have black glasses. I am middle-sized. I am optimistic, fun to be with, polite and cool. I have one brother, his name is Baptiste, he is 11 years old. My mother is Carole and my father is Nicolas. My mother is a jeweler saleswoman and my father is a laboratory technician.

    My favorite subjects are French and English. I do not like Physics and History. I like dancing very much and I love to be with my friends. But I don’t really like football and I hate spinach. I practice hip hop. I am afraid of spiders and snakes, I hate blood. I have already been to Spain, Guadeloupe, Italy and Tunisia.


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