• Emma I

    Emma IHello ! My name is Emma I.I'm 14 years old .

    I was born on the 06th of March 2001. I live in Creuzier le Vieux next to Vichy
    (in Auvergne) . I am 1m 40 tall. I have a long curly brown hair and brown eyes.
    I wear red glasses . I'm talkative,sporty artistic but I'm obstinate,:)

     I have three brothers and three sisters . Alexis is 24,Mehdi is 20,Marwan is 19
    Laura is 30,Alicia is 29 and Sarah is 23 . I have one dog, his name is
    Leuqui and three cats:Lou, Chocolate and Snow .
    My mother is a dressmaker and my father is a foreman.

     I 'm at Jules Ferry school in vichy . I love French,English and Music.
    I hate science.:(

     I practice singing (it's my passion) and swiming. I'm afraid of mice and
    clowns but I looove dogs . I love hamburgers and chips but I don't eat pork.
    I have already been to Spain,Nîmes and Port Leucate. I would like to be a
    beautician I would like to realise beautiful make up .I would like to go to the
    U.S.A and Lebanon.



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    Samedi 21 Novembre 2015 à 18:52

    It's fine ;) yes

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