• Our Guest : Justin!We were very privileged to welcome Justin in our class. Justin comes from Hong Kong and thanks to him and Liz's presentation we know a lot more about this country. Here's Yousra and Yasmine's report, thank you girls! 

    Nous avons eu la chance de recevoir Justin dans notre classe. Justin vient de Hong Kong, et grâce à lui et à la présentation de Liz, nous avons appris beaucoup de choses sur ce pays. Voici le reportage de Yousra et Yasmine. Merci les filles!

    His name is Justin.

    He is 21 years old.

    He was born on the 27th of April, 1992 in Hong-Kong.

    He lived with his parents and he hasn’t got any brothers and sisters. He hasn’t got any pets.

    Now, he studies Art in Maine (USA). He has come to France for 20 days, but he doesn’t speak French. He is the friend of Liz because they study in the same university in Maine.

    He speaks English, Japanese and Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin).

    He visited France, Hong-Kong, China, Britain, Japan and Denmark.

    He likes France and French food, like soup and raclette.

    He likes to sleep.

    He likes Japan for the food and because it’s clean and nice.

    His favourite name is Allen.

    His favourite sports are soccer, football and basketball.

    His favourite colour is orange.

    His favourite sound is Jazz.

    His favourite animal is the walrus.

    His favourite movies are Batman and Inception.

    His favourite actor is Neil Patrick Harris.

    His favourite shops are Zara men and H&M.

    His favourite country is Hong-Kong.

    His favourite instruments are the saxophone, the bassoon and the bass.

    His favourite writer is Samuel Beckett.

    His favourite food is sushi.

    Our Guest : Justin!

    Now, here is Liz and Justin's great powerpoint presentation for you to enjoy :

    (Click on the pictures to discover each country) Cliquez sur les images pour découvrir chaque pays


    Our Guest : Justin!

    Our Guest : Justin!


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