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    My name is Gabriel, I am 13 years old. I live in Bellerive-Sur-Allier. I am Taurus because I was born on May 1st. I am plump and I am middle-sized . I am 1 m 63 tall. I have short straight blond hair, I have blue eyes. I have a nice nose. I don’t have freckles.

    I wear casual clothes and I don’t have glasses . I am always optimistic. I am often self-confident. I am usually quiet. I am always good-tempered. I am extremely sporty and quite artistic. I am not very stubborn and I am not proud at all.

    I have one brother. His name is Raphaël and he is 9 years old. My brother is 4 years younger than me. I have one dog and one cat. Their names are Picasso and Nougat. My father works in a hospital. My mother works in SUCHET.

    The name of my school is Jules Ferry . Jules Ferry is in Vichy. I love history and French.

    I am crazy about playing football but I can’t bear playing basketball. I love running but I hate gymnastics.

    I have already been to Ireland but I have never been to Germany, Portugal, Denmark and Spain.

    I would like to be an archeologist because I love history.


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