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    If I were an animal, I would be a cat because it's a free animal.
    If I were a super heros, I would be iron-man, because he desn't have super powers but he is very inteligent and he has a brain.
    If I were an art, I'd be music because I practise guitar also helps but I have sometimes the impression to learn a new manguage too.
    If I were a sport, I wouldn't be boxing because it's very dangerous.
    If I were a season, I would be autumn because I love the colors. The red, the brown, the orange... It's so beautiful.
    If I were a residence, I'd be a yourt because I spent a holidays with my fatherin yourt camping. It's confortable, nice and round.
    If I were a sense, I would be sight because we can see a lot of things and a lot of colors on the world.
    If I were a presious stome, I would be a diamond because its shape is special.
    If I were a monument, I'd be a maya temple, because I love this civilazion.
    10) If I were a TV show, I'd be “touche pas à mon poste” because I like to laugh. I'm crazy about it. I like the presenter: he is crazy too!!!

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