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    My name is Gébril I live in Vichy a town of 20 000 inhabitants. I am 13 years old. I’m not very tall: I am 1 meter 67. I am self-confident, optimistic and very sporty. I have 2 half-sisters and 1 half-brother. At school I like mathematics, geography and I learn Chinese. I practice French boxing, full contact and kick boxing. I love rap music and I like watching American movies.I used to play football with my friends. I have already been to Morocco and Spain. I don’t know what job I would like to do. I would like to go to the USA and China.

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    Vendredi 13 Novembre 2015 à 00:30
    Salut Gébril! Je suis ta correspondante, Zephyr! I cannot wait for your letter!
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