• Here is a presentation of our language assistant (2014/2015) by Garance

    Here is a presentation of our language assistant (2014/2015) by GaranceHer name is Rachael. She is 22 years old and she is British. She comes from Southwell, it's a city near Notthingham (Robin Hood!) . She has got a brother, his name is Dominic, he is 19 years old, he studies Physics. Her mother is called Sue, she is 54 years old. She is a tax inspector in Nottingham. Her dad is Jon, he lives in Brighton with his wife Sara. Sara has two daughters, their names are Katie (18 years old) and Hanna, (21 years old). They are Rachael's step-sisters. Rachael studied at KCL (King's College London).
    Rachael likes cycling, reading, going to the cinema and playing badminton with her friends. She likes hiking in the countryside too. Now she is a language assistant. She likes France, French cheese, “Skyfall”, “Friends” and “Game of Thrones”. She reads detectives stories like “Agatha Christie's Death on the Nile”. She likes animals but she doesn't have any pets. Her favorite color is green. She used to play the flute. She speaks French sometimes. She has been to Portugual, Barcelona, Brittany, Paris and the whole United Kindom. She prefers France first and in second The United Kindom. Her dream is to“travel around the world”. Her favorite celebrity is Vanessa Paradis. She likes Adèle and Stromaé. She adores Omar Sy in “Intouchables”. Her favorite flower is the sun flower.

    Here is a presentation of our language assistant (2014/2015) by Garance

    She likes summer because she was born on the first of june 1992. She prefers history in class because she interrested in it. She likes The Tower of London, because she knows its story well and the tower is very old. She likes shopping, but when there are not a lot of people or when it's not busy. She has got two best friends, their names are Charlotte and Caroline. Caroline works in a hospital. Charlotte is an artist. They live in the same place. 

    She doesn't play video games but her brother “yes”! She adores playing Monopoly but never with her brother because he is a poor loser. She is afraid of heights. If she were a feeling she would be happiness!
    She has blue eyes and she has long fair hair. She is tall, slim and she seems sporty.

    By Garance wink2 (3e euro)

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    Mercredi 5 Novembre 2014 à 15:54

    Good Job ! :D

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