• Jérémy

    1- If I were a movie, I would be Vive la France because it’s a very funny film and the two actors are very good: Michael Young and Jose Garcia.
    2- If I were an animal, I would be a cat because it’s a pet and it's very beautiful.
    3- If I were a sport, I would be table tennis because it’s my passion.
    4- If I were a season, I would be summer because it’s a very hot season and I love beaches and swimming pools.
    5- If I were a car I would be a Lamborghini because it’s a very fast car.
    6- If I were a residence, I would be a beach house because I love beaches and I would spend all my time there.
    7- If I were a natural disaster, I would be a hurricane because it is very impressive.
    8- If I were a natural element, I would be water as it is the most important element for life.
    9- If I were a beverage, I would be coca cola because it’s my favourite drink.
    10- If I were a day, I would be Saturday because it is the week end and it is a cool day.

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