• Léa

    If I were an animal, I would be a dolphin because it so pretty and it’s my favourite pet. I’m a dolphin lover. It looks so harmless. I would like to see a dolphin at least once in my life.
    If I were a sport, I would be climbing because I love this sport. When I climb I feel free.
    If I were a type of cuisine, I would be my mother’s cuisine because it’s so delicious.
    If I were a feeling, I would be friendliness because I love being there to listen to my friends.
    If I were an art, I would be cinema because I love going to the cinema with my friends. I like any kind of movie.
    If I were a car, I would be the fastest car because I’m crazy about speed and they are the most beautiful cars.
    If I were a residence, I would be a beach house because I could see the sea all day and I could swim at night.
    If I were a sense, I would be sight because I could see the sea and I like seeing different landscapes.
    If I were a natural disaster, I would be a volcanic eruption because I have been to the Vesuve and the view was amazing.
    If I were a mean of transportation, I would be a plane because I could travel around the world.

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