• Léo

    If i were a beverage i would be ice tea because it’s so fresh when you are hot.
    If I were a sport I would be golf because it’s relaxing and it’s not very physical.

    If I were be an art I would be music because I love music in general, any style. I’ve been practicing the guitar for five years.
    If I were a type of cuisine I would be a hamburger because it’s simple but so good and it doesn’t cost a lot of money.
    If I were a sense I wouldn’t be speech because I am rather shy and I hate talking too much.
    If I were an instrument I would be the electric guitar because I love the sound, the look.
    If I were a mean of transportation I would be a bike because it’s green and sporty.
    If I were a kind of music I would be metal because it’s powerful fast and I always listen this kind of music.
    If were a car I would be karting because it’s fast and a lot of fun.
    If I were a school subject I would be history because I’ve loved history since primary school.

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