• Lila

    LilaMy name is Lila. I am thirteen years old. I was born on the sixteenth of May two thousand and two. I live in Vendat in Auvergne. I am middle-sized. I have shoulder length wavy fair hair. I have blue eyes. I wear glasses. I’m very talkative and really good-tempered.

    I have one brother, Valentin, and one half-brother, Gébril. Valentin is sixteen years old and he plays basket-ball and enjoys drama. Gébril is thirteen years old and he practices boxing.

    I love math but I dislike history. I am learning Chinese and I like Chinese food very much. I don’t mind vegetables.

    I love animals, I have a baby dog Labrador, Swaggy. I’m scared of mice and slugs.

    I practice drama and dancing. I have already been to Ibiza and Morocco. I would like to visit New York

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    Vendredi 11 Décembre 2015 à 17:50

    That's really cool! yes

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