• Lisa

    If I were a landscape, I would be the sea because it’s very calm and there are beautiful dolphins.
    If I were a means of transportation, I would be a plane because I like the sensation and I could fly.
    If I were a city, I would be London or Paris because I would love to visit London and I would like to do shopping!
    If I were a type of cuisine, I would be my father’s cuisine because he cooks very very well!
    If I were a feeling, I would be friendship because my best friend is very important for me.
    If I were a season, I would be summer because there is sun, heat, swimming-pool, holidays … and when the sun is out I feel relaxed!
    If I were a residence, I would be a beach house so I could watch a sun set on the sea and I love this.
    If I were a beverage, I would be coca-cola because it’s so fresh and I’m keen on drinking it in summer.
    If I were a sport, I would be gymnastics because this is my passion. I’ve been practicing gymnastics for a long time, for nine years.
    If I were an art, I would be movie acting because I love going to the cinema with my best friend or with my family.
    If I were an animal, I would be a bird because I would fly and be free.

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