• Messages of support

    Messages of support

    We received a very much appreciated message of support from our American penfriends. We are deeply touched by your thoughts.

    "We are all in an absolute state of shock and I have been watching/reading the news non-stop after hearing about the tragedy in Paris. Please know that my thoughts and those of my students are with you. We are sooooo upset and want to know if there is anything that we can do to show our concern and support."

    Mrs Kate Mc Gonagle


    Another message from Australia. Thank you so much.

    "How very, very sad what's happening in Paris. My love and thoughts to all of you guys. Xxx"

    Mrs Lynn H.

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    Dimanche 22 Novembre 2015 à 14:51

    merci beaucoup #PRAY FOR PARIS

    Mercredi 18 Novembre 2015 à 11:02

    c'est très bien d'avoir  créé ce site très touché par les attentats qui frappe toute la France nous avons tous une pensée pour les victimes et les familles

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