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     OcéaneMy name is Oceane and I am 13 years old. I was born on the 18th of Sebtember 2002.
    I live in Vendat in Auvergne. I am tall. I have long curly brown hair and I have brown eyes.
    I have one brother his name is Dorian and he is nine years old. I also have one dog : its name is Lego. My best friends is Emma. I am really cool and friendly and I am very tidy. But I am not very selfish. My favorite school subjects are Art and English. I practice horse-riding. On the other hand I dislike camping. I am afraid of clowns and spiders. I have already visited Portugal and I would like to go to London.     

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    Mercredi 18 Novembre 2015 à 13:36
    I like
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