• Morgan presented Halloween to the 4e. Thank you Sarah for your report !


    It's Halloween!

    Here's Morgan's great powerpoint : click here !

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  •  Morgan (our American assistant) explained the American elections to the Euro classes. Here is Elias's article for the 4e:


    by Elias

    The presidential elections are on November 6th  . They take place every four years.  There are 2 men who want to be president:


    Barack Obama     /      Symbol: a donkey           /    He is left      /    

     He’s a liberal      /          The color of democrat is blue

    Barack Obama is the first black president


    Mitt Romney            /   Symbol : an elephant       /      He is right     / 

     He’s a conservative   /       The color of republican is red

    If you want to vote, you must be 18 years old or more.

    How to vote :

    ·       Register to vote

    ·       Go to voting booth

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