• Our language assistant (2017/2018)Her name is Sarah, she is 22 years old and she lives in Valley Stream in New York. In New York, the hot dog is very popular and Sarah likes them. She speaks English, a little Arabic and a little French. She has already visited Paris, Lyon, Toulouse and now she lives in Vichy. She plays the piano.

    She studied political science and and s Arabic. Her school's name was Hewlett High School and she wants to be a lawyer. The school has a mascot, it's a bulldog. Sarah has lots of friends : they took a trip to the mountains together. Her house has 4 floors and her room is at the top.

    Her Family

    Her father is Rachid, he's from Morocco

    Her mother is Annie, she came from France at 19 years old.

    Sarah has 1 sister, she's taller than her, her name is Sophia, she's 17 years old. She plays volleyball.

    What she prefers

    Her favorite restauranr is Toloache (Mexican). Her favorite food is tacos. Her favorite drink is lemonade.

    Her favorite movies are Star Wars, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.

    Her favorite actor is Ryan Reynolds and her favorite actress is Kristen Bell.

    Her favorite season is fall. Her favorite singer changes all the time and now it's Lorde.

    Her favorite color is dark green.

    Her favorite book is Rebel Angels.

    Her favorite clothes are leather jackets and shoes.

    Her favorite sport is soccer.

    Her favorite monument is the Lincoln Memorial.

    Her favorite piece of art is "Ceci n'est pas une pipe" by René Magritte.

    Chinese Portrait

    If she were an animal she would be a cat because it's cute and independant.

    If she were a super hero she would be Batman or Wonderwoman.


    For herself : She wants a job where she can travel

    For the world : She wants to stop the fighting

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  •  Hello! These new articles about our language assistant have been written by the pupils in ExEL 3ème. Take some time to read them!

    article 1

        Her name is Flannery. She was born on the 10th of May 1994, so she is 22 years old. She lives in Melbourne in Australia, but she resides in Vichy. She is Australian. Flannery isn’t married but she has a boyfriend, his name is Romain. He is French. She has three brothers Daniel, Rohan and Nicholas. They are 25, 24 and 18 years old. Her parents, Lindsey and Phil are special education teacher and paramedic.

       Flannery is pretty. She has green eyes and long, wavy brown hair. She is middle-height. She is well-dressed and smart. 


    Article writen by Emma, Juliette, Lila and Océane

    article 2

    Flannery has one dog, her name is Sheba.

    This year, she is an English assistant. Before she was an au pair, a tutor in Music and English, a barista, a personal care assistant and she worked in a fish and chips shop.

    Her favourite season is winter and her favourite colour is red. Her favourite actress is Meryl Streep and her favourite movie is “Stricly Ballroom”; it’s a very funny film and it’s also a cult film in Australia. She likes all kinds of music but she loves Folk, Alternative and Pop Music.

    Article writen by Léa, Marylou, Pauline and Elodie

    article 3

    She likes to play the guitar and the violin. She plays the violin in an Irish folk band. She can’t play the piano but she would like to.

    She loves reading, she quite enjoys writing songs and she really likes running long distances with earphones.

    She likes to listen to music.

    She enjoys bushwalks but she is scared of snakes and spiders (they can kill you in Australia!).

    She likes swimming but she is scared if she can’t see the bottom.

    She can speak French but her dream would be to speak Russian and Arabic. She is interested in foreign languages because she has studied linguistics. Later, she would like to be a translator or an interpreter.

    She has already visited France, China and Burkina Faso.


    Article writen by Adam, Gebril and Valentin

    article 4

    Our assistant is a traveler.

    To come to France from Melbourne, the trip lasts 36 hours! It’s so long!

    The first time she came to Paris, she found it ugly. She hated Paris. But the second time she came, she found it so beautiful and she loves Montmartre.

    Flannery comes from Australia ; the capital of Australia is Canberra. She currently lives in Melbourne, in the south-east of Australia.

     In Australia there are some animals than you can find exclusively in this country like the kangaroo and the koala. Snakes and spiders are often poisonous animals.


    Article writen by Yann and Kamilia 

    If you want to know everything about FLANNERY, our language assistant this year, you can have a look at the beautiful powerpoint presentation made by Jeanne P and Mélanie in 4e ExEL! Next is a beautiful photo of her... Thank you Flannery!cool

    Si vous voulez tout savoir sur FLANNERY notre nouvelle assistante d'anglais, regardez la belle présentation powerpoint de Jeanne P et Mélanie de 4e ExEL. Ensuite il y a une jolie photo d'elle... Merci Flannery!cool

    Our language Assistant (2016/2017)

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  • Presentation of our language assistant (2015/2016)If you want to know everything about TANSY, you can have access to the powerpoint presentation made by Théo and Alexandre by clicking HERE

    Si vous voulez tout savoir sur TANSY, vous pouvez aller voir la présentation powerpoint réalisée par Théo et Alexandre en cliquant ICI

    You will also like the presentation made by Ulysse and Romain! Click HERE


    Vous aimerez aussi la présentation réalisée par Ulysse et Romain. Cliquez ICI.

    You can vote for your favourite presentation! Vous pouvez voter pour votre présentation préférée!

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  • Here is a presentation of our language assistant (2014/2015) by GaranceHer name is Rachael. She is 22 years old and she is British. She comes from Southwell, it's a city near Notthingham (Robin Hood!) . She has got a brother, his name is Dominic, he is 19 years old, he studies Physics. Her mother is called Sue, she is 54 years old. She is a tax inspector in Nottingham. Her dad is Jon, he lives in Brighton with his wife Sara. Sara has two daughters, their names are Katie (18 years old) and Hanna, (21 years old). They are Rachael's step-sisters. Rachael studied at KCL (King's College London).
    Rachael likes cycling, reading, going to the cinema and playing badminton with her friends. She likes hiking in the countryside too. Now she is a language assistant. She likes France, French cheese, “Skyfall”, “Friends” and “Game of Thrones”. She reads detectives stories like “Agatha Christie's Death on the Nile”. She likes animals but she doesn't have any pets. Her favorite color is green. She used to play the flute. She speaks French sometimes. She has been to Portugual, Barcelona, Brittany, Paris and the whole United Kindom. She prefers France first and in second The United Kindom. Her dream is to“travel around the world”. Her favorite celebrity is Vanessa Paradis. She likes Adèle and Stromaé. She adores Omar Sy in “Intouchables”. Her favorite flower is the sun flower.

    Here is a presentation of our language assistant (2014/2015) by Garance

    She likes summer because she was born on the first of june 1992. She prefers history in class because she interrested in it. She likes The Tower of London, because she knows its story well and the tower is very old. She likes shopping, but when there are not a lot of people or when it's not busy. She has got two best friends, their names are Charlotte and Caroline. Caroline works in a hospital. Charlotte is an artist. They live in the same place. 

    She doesn't play video games but her brother “yes”! She adores playing Monopoly but never with her brother because he is a poor loser. She is afraid of heights. If she were a feeling she would be happiness!
    She has blue eyes and she has long fair hair. She is tall, slim and she seems sporty.

    By Garance wink2 (3e euro)

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  • Here's a presentation of our assistant (year 2013/2014) by Greg and Alexandre from 3èmeHer name is Liz Malone. She is 22 years old. Her birthday is on 27th January. She was born in Massachusetts in Beverly. She is American. She comes from Boston, Massachusetts. She lives in Vichy.

    She has got one brother. His name is Nate (Nathaniel) and he is 19 years old. He goes to University: Colorado State University. He likes science. She has got one dog and one cat. The dog’s name is Tootsie and the cat’s name is Chip.

    She plays music. She plays an instrument: the flute. Her favorite color is purple. Her favorite movie is Young Frankenstein. She speaks French and English. Her favorite countries are Canada, France, Germany, Swiss, Belgium, England, Ireland, Croatia and The Netherlands. Her favorite song is Across the Universe (The Beatles). She likes Vichy because it’s very quiet and there are historical tours. She has visited Clermont-Ferrand, Paris and Aix-en-Provence. Her favorite dish is ham and mashed potatoes. She enjoys French food.

    Her mother’s name is Susan. She lives in Andover. She’s 52 years old. She’s a nurse aid. Her father’s name is Neil. He‘s 58 years old. He’s retired. In the past he worked in the pharmaceutical industry. He lives in Andover too.

    Liz wants to visit Spain, Italy and the south of France. Her favorite animal is the Zebra. Colin Meloy is the best celebrity for her. She has studied at Colby College in Maine. She likes kayak, to see movies and play the flute. She doesn’t like shopping. For her the best country is the USA and the second is France. Her favorite season is autumn. She lives in a house with four housemates. Their names are Rachel, François, Romeo and Claire. There are five bedrooms. They are all French. The rent is 225€ per month. Her best friend is Lea and she lives in Andover. In the USA Liz has visited New York, California, Yellowstone National Park across Montana and Utah. When she drives from Boston to New York it’s 4 hours in the car! 

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