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  • Justine Hi, my name is Justine, my friends call me Ju; I’m 14 years old, I was born on the 21st November 1998.

    I live in Vichy, in the center of France.

    I’m tall. I’m 1m69. I’ve got blue-green eyes. My hair is long, wavy and light brown.

    I’m anxious but cool, in fact I don’t know what I am like. I’m messy and shy.

    I haven’t got any brothers and sisters but I have got 7 cousins. I like all my cousins very much. My mother is Marie-Christine and my father is Thierry. He works in a big city in Auvergne, Clermont-Ferrand. I’ve got a cat called Lily and another one called Frifounet.

    I come from a small village in Italy, Marliana, near Florence.

    My school is Jules-Ferry, it’s in Vichy. We study French, English, Spanish, Maths, Physics, Sciences, Music, Art,… I like English & French, but I wish I could take Italian but in my school there isn’t an Italian teacher. I hate Maths!!! We study from 8:00am to 4:30 pm.

    Outside school I play drama. It’s my passion. I love going to the cinema with my mum or with my friends. I like music, basketball, badminton, biking, handball, quickstep, jive, and different dances. I like chatting too!

    I’m scared of heights, or when I see films as “La dame en noir” I’m scared of the dark.

    In my past, I have already been to Florence, Pisa and LONDON!!!!!! I used to play basketball and the piano. I stopped because the people who were with me were too bad with me. They were big-headed!

    Later, I would like to be a journalist or a comedian or to work as an interpreter, particularly English, because it’s a beautiful language spoken all over the world! It’s my favourite language.

    I would like to live in Bastia or London or Paris or Lyon with my friends. I would like to visit the USA, the African continent and Australia.

    My dream since I am a little girl is to become an actress! But it’s just a dream like other teenagers…

    I would also like to live in the Harry Potter’s world with flying brooms and magic wands. It would be funny! Wouldn’t it?


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  • PaulineHi! My name is Pauline and I am 14. I was born on the 28th of May 1998. I live in Vendat, a little town next to Vichy and situated in the middle of France. In Vendat, there are about 2000 inhabitants. Physically, I have got brown eyes and long wavy light brown hair. I am medium sized because I am 1 meter 58 tall. I am someone who is talkative but quiet and peaceful. I am good-tempered.

    I have one sister who is called Anaïs. She is 19 and she studies at the University of Psychology in Clermont-Ferrand. She is stubborn but she is very nice and pretty. My mom’s name is Christiane and she is a secretary. My dad is called Paul and he is a wireman. I have a lot of animals: two cats whose names are Caramel and Ficelle, two rabbits, the first is called Pomme and is 7, and the second is Caresse and is 6. I have birds too and a fish called Curly.

    My collège is Jules Ferry Collège. It is in Vichy, so I take the bus to go to school. My favourite subject is English and I don’t like Physics very much. I like the breaks at 10.00 am and 3.30 pm because I can see my friends. On Mondays and Fridays, I start school at 8.00 am and finish at 4.30 pm but on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I finish at 2.30 pm.

    I practice horse-riding but I haven’t got my own horse. I also love music and I listen to it every day. My favourite book is “Before I die” by Jenny Downham and my favourite film is a French film called “My first time” by Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar. I love my friends and I like to speak and laugh with them. I don’t like spiders.

    In the past, I have already been to Egypt, Tunisia and Mexico. This year, I have visited Ireland and it’s a beautiful country! I used to do judo, dance and gym but I stopped for horse-riding.

    I don’t know what job I would like to do, but my dream is to visit New-York. I would like to have a horse.


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  • Marine  Hi ! I'm Marine, I'm fifteen years old and I was born on 13th June 1997 in Vichy. I live in France, in Auvergne, in Vichy.

    There are 30 000 inhabitants in Vichy.

      I'm not very tall, I've got brown eyes and my hair is long, a little wavy and brown too.

      About my family, I've got two brothers and one sister. I'm the older sister. I live with them and my mother. My parents are separated. I see my dad every two weeks.

      I've got many half-brothers and sisters, six on the side of my dad and two on the side of my mom.

      I love pets but I don't have one. My favorite pets are cats. I like a lot of sports, including Handball, basketball and gymnastics.

     My favorite actress and top model is Nina Dobrev, she plays the female lead in my favorite series "The Vampire Diaries", and my favorite singer is Demi Lovato. I love the bands Sexion d'Assaut and One Direction too, they are my favorite bands.

      Then When I use a computer, it's usually to go on facebook,tweeter, skyrock, youtube, the ent (the school website) of my school or dpstream to watch series or films.

      I'm scared of almost all the insects especially spiders.

      In my past, I visited England, I did gymnastics, drama, yoga and basketball. And now I'm a student  in middle school at Jules-Ferry in Vichy.

     I don't do sport anymore but I wish I could do hip hop or drama as soon as possible.

      For my future, I wonder what job I would like to do. I've got a little idea but it is not sure : it's interpreter, because I love to learn new languages.

                                   My dream is to live in England. 


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  • Yaya My pseudo is Yaya and I'm 14. I was born in September 1998.

    I'm tall. I've got blue eyes and long straight blond hair. I'm anxious, shy and very quiet but funny.

    I live in Vichy with my parents, my brother and my dog. My brother's name is Paul, he's 6, messy but very nice.

    He and my dog were born on the same day but not the same year.

    My father is a technical salesman in a printing house . My mother works for a city hall and manages a structure which group associations.

    I go to Jules Ferry school in Vichy too. I love English and French but I hate chemistry.

    I don't practise sports because I've got a problem with my knee. I love dance, drawing and I skiing in winter when I'm with my aunts . I would like to practise the piano because I love this instrument. I love music very very much.

    My favorite singer is Damien Saez. He's not famous but I think he's incredible and his songs are very beautiful.

    I don't like to go to the cinema very much but it's sometimes funny with friends. I love going shopping and having fun.

    I have already visited Belgium twice and I love this country. I have already visited London with the euro class last year, it was a very good experience and I've got beautiful memories of this week in London.

    I have already been to Spain twice too. I would like to go to Poland and St Petersburg.

    I would like to be physiotherapist.


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  •  Hi ! I'm Margaux and my friends call me Gaumar. I was born on 19th February 1998. I'm 14.

    I live in Vichy. In my city we are about 30 000 people.

    I'm not very tall, about 1.57 meters. I have brown eyes and long curly dark brown hair.

    I have one sister, her name is Juliette and she is 10. I have 7 aunts and 6 uncles. And with my cousins we are 28. I don't have pets because my parents don't want any. I would like a cat but my mother hates animals.

    My parents have a good restaurant. We can eat Thai food. It's very good but I don't like eating, except breakfast.

    I have school every day except at weekends and on Wednesday afternoons. I love English and sport but I hate technology, physics and history. But I love HOLIDAYS !

    On Mondays and Wednesdays I practise Handball in a club. We are 12 girl players in my team. I love it ! I love music, pop, rap, reggae, international music. I'm very fan of One Direction. My favorite movies are "Projet X" and "Intouchables". At weekends I go to the city centre with my best friend Solène. I call her "Suzy" or "Sow". And I speak with my friend via facebook, twitter, skype…

    I'm very very very scared of spiders. I have already visited Britain. I would like to live there because I love the people, the place and the shops. I have already been to Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Malesia, Thaïland, Maurice Island, Italy and Greece.

    I used to play football when I was little and do swimming.

    I have two dreams. My first dream is I would like to go to a One Direction Concert and my second dream is when I am 18 years old I would like to visit Sydney with my best friend or my 2 best cousins Charlotte and Carla. But it's just a dream…


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