•  Our Language Assistant 2018/2019 (by Lisa)

    Her name is Erina Taylor. She lives in New Zealand.

    She is 20 years old. She is an assistant. She grew up in Muriwai Beach, Auckland . She studied at the University  of Wellington, capital of New Zealand , a city of 200,000 people. She studied French and accounting.

    Her mom is Vitoria and her dad is David. She has one brother, Russel, he is 22. She has 2 dogs , Amber and Mouse and one horse, Jimmy. She plays lacrosse and the guitar.

    She likes yoga and baking cakes . She loves French cheese, green tea and yellow . She doesn't like mushrooms, coffee and fish. Her favorite city is Wellington.She lives in Vichy. Her favorite food is chocolate,cheese and fish and chips . Her favorite fruit is nectarine. 


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  • This year the 4e LCE are using the Seesaw app to hand out their work. They also used the website wordclouds.com to introduce themselves with a cloud of words!

    Click on the names! Cliquez sur les prénoms!

    The 4emes 2018-2019





    Mathis L

















    Mathis D

    Mathis R

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  • A recipe with music glasses with Jeanne P our top chef!


    Let's try Orange Muffins with Mélanie!


    A great recipe by Salomé and Marion!yes


    Jeanne and Pauline from 3e ExEL have a delicious recipe to share with you cool


    Another Yummy recipe from Tiffany and Camille :


    Nuts and honey cake presented by Eve!

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  • Our language assistant (2017/2018)Her name is Sarah, she is 22 years old and she lives in Valley Stream in New York. In New York, the hot dog is very popular and Sarah likes them. She speaks English, a little Arabic and a little French. She has already visited Paris, Lyon, Toulouse and now she lives in Vichy. She plays the piano.

    She studied political science and and s Arabic. Her school's name was Hewlett High School and she wants to be a lawyer. The school has a mascot, it's a bulldog. Sarah has lots of friends : they took a trip to the mountains together. Her house has 4 floors and her room is at the top.

    Her Family

    Her father is Rachid, he's from Morocco

    Her mother is Annie, she came from France at 19 years old.

    Sarah has 1 sister, she's taller than her, her name is Sophia, she's 17 years old. She plays volleyball.

    What she prefers

    Her favorite restauranr is Toloache (Mexican). Her favorite food is tacos. Her favorite drink is lemonade.

    Her favorite movies are Star Wars, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.

    Her favorite actor is Ryan Reynolds and her favorite actress is Kristen Bell.

    Her favorite season is fall. Her favorite singer changes all the time and now it's Lorde.

    Her favorite color is dark green.

    Her favorite book is Rebel Angels.

    Her favorite clothes are leather jackets and shoes.

    Her favorite sport is soccer.

    Her favorite monument is the Lincoln Memorial.

    Her favorite piece of art is "Ceci n'est pas une pipe" by René Magritte.

    Chinese Portrait

    If she were an animal she would be a cat because it's cute and independant.

    If she were a super hero she would be Batman or Wonderwoman.


    For herself : She wants a job where she can travel

    For the world : She wants to stop the fighting

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