• Romain

    If i were an animal i would be a bird because i could fly so i could go any where.
    If i were a color i would be red because is it my favourite color and because it symbolizes life.
    If i were a celebrityi would be George Clooney because a lot of women fall in love with him.
    If i were a country i would be Spain because i would love live to there and speaking Spanish also helps.
    If i were a sport i would be tennis because i’ve practisied tennis for 8 years and i don’t like team sport.
    If i were an art i’d be music because anyone likes music.
    If i were a beverage i’d be a fruit cocktail because it is so refreshing and it isn’t a chemical beverage.
    If i were a natural element i would be fire because i like to see it and because it is dangerous but fragile .
    If i were a type of cuisine i would be Turkish food it’s tasty and i’m keen on turkish food .
    If i were a feeling i would be happiness because i don’t like when my friend is sad .
    If i were aseason i would be winter because the landscape are changed and i’m into ski i love the snow to build a snowman.
    If i were a car i would be a SUV because i could go anywhere.
    If i were a residence i would be a beach house because the landscape is so beauti ful.
    If i were a natural disaster i would be a volcanic eruption because nothing can stop it.

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