• Rosie

    If I were a beverage I would be Ice tea because I love fresh drinks.

    If I were an animal I would be a bird because I would be ablle to fly.

    If I were a type of cuisine I would be Italian food because I enjoy pizza and pasta.

    If I were a season I would be winter because I love snow ans christmas time.

    If I were natural element I would be fire because it's very impressive.

    If I were a precious stone I would be a diamond because it's unbreakable.

    If I were a country I would be Italy because it's hot and the landscpes are beautiful.

    If I were a mounth I would be October because there is Halloween and I enjoy dressing up.

    If I were a day I would be sunday because I could stay at home and doing nothing.

    If I were a number I would be seven because it's my lucky number.

    If I were a language I would be English because english is learnt everywere so when you go to a coutry, you know that you can speak english if you don't know the language of the country.

    If I were a sport I would be climbing because when you're at the top and you look down it's an amazing feeling.

    If I were a book I would be manga because I'm into things coming from Japan.

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