• Chloé B

    If I were an animal , I would be a wolf because it is powerful,brave, courageous and nothing can stop it . I like the way wolves life works , their howls for me is the best song in the world . This the main animal of my favourite series "Tenn wolf " . I think this animal is splendid, this is why the wolf is my favourite animal.

    If I were a super-heros , I would be Elektra because she is a beautiful woman and she is fast,flexible, expert in arms , a telepath and she can hypnotize. It is an Olympic class athlete and an outstanding fighter.She is the girlfriend on an other superhero,Daredevil she is my favourite superheroin .

    If I were a sport, I would be soccer because I'm a football lover. I watch any match and I an a fan of Neymar JR

    If I were an art,I would be dancing because I love it and practising dance for a long, long time also helps

    If I was a feeling I would be friendship because it is something very important for me , I treasure my friends and I will never pretend to love them because without them I wouldn't be the person I am today

    If I were a car I would be a Porsche because I dream of having one and it's a beautiful car and it's very popular as it appears in many movies

    If I were a sense , I would be sight as there are so many beautiful things to see that I am able to watch every day

    If I were a natural disaster I wouldn't be a flood as it causes a lot of damages and destroys life .

    If I were a precious stone I would be a diamond because it is a fragile and precious and it is also a romantic jewelry.

    If I were a singer I would be "Coeur de pirate " because she has a different voice and she writes beautiful songs. I love to sing and listen to.

    If I were a day I would be Friday because it's the start of weekend and on Friday night there is my favourite series " Teen wolf" that goes on TV .

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