• Cooking in English

    Cooking in English

    The 3e and 4e have been working on "How to cook in English". They have done videos and powerpoint presentations while cooking their favourite recipe. You can vote for your favourite one too!Cooking in English

    Les 3e et les 4e ont travaillé sur "comment cuisiner en anglais". Ils se sont filmés et ont fait des présentations powerpoint en train de réaliser leur recette préférée. Et vous? Pour laquelle allez-vous voter?Cooking in English

  • Ulysse and Alexandre are presenting "Eton Mess".


    The 4e's powerpoint presentations


    Samuel and Enzo are cooking "a chocolate mousse"


    The 4e's powerpoint presentations








    Charlotte and Lise are presenting "a chocolate cake"


    The 4e's powerpoint presentations








    Pauline and Théo are cooking "Pancakes"


    The 4e's powerpoint presentations








    Gabriel and Gabriel are cooking their "Grandmother's caramelita cream"


    The 4e's powerpoint presentations


    Mélodie and Chloé are cooking "Pancakes"


    The 4e's powerpoint presentations


    Siméon et Mathieu are cooking "Flan pâtissier"


    The 4e's powerpoint presentations


    Alix and Romain are presenting a "Chocolate Cake"


    The 4e's powerpoint presentations



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  • Our fantastic teaching assistant Rachael wanted to participate with a very British recipe :

    Mince Pies  Rachael's video

    Thanks a lot Rachael, you're a star!

    Notre fantastique assistante Britannique Rachael a voulu participer avec une recette très Britannique : Les Mince Pies

    Merci beaucoup Rachael, tu es géniale! Rachael's video

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  • Aloïs and some friends are presenting " Shrimp pasta with white sauce"

    Aloïs et ses amis vous présentent "Pâtes aux crevettes en sauce blanche"


    Aude and Laurie present : Cornflakes Cakes


    Pierre is cooking "Fruit of the Forest Panna Cotta"


    Rosie and Anaïs present : Colored Calzone Pizza

    The Far aux Pruneaux recipe with Annabelle and Garance

    Jeremy and Leo are making Hamburgers

    Romain and Louis present a typical French recipe : Quiche Lorraine


     Alban and Baptiste are cooking a Melt in the Middle Chocolate Pudding (do not forget to put a piece of chocolate in the middle before baking!)

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