• Emma F

    Emma FMy name is Emma.F.
    I am 13. I was born on the 8th  of March 2002.
    I live in Vendat in Auvergne.
    I am middle-sized.
    I have log staight blond hair.
    I have blue eyes.
    I am extremely jealous.
    I 'm really generous, I'm not lazy at all.
    I have one sister, Jade, she's 9.
    She's very jealous too.
    My mother is a civil servant.
    My father is a technician.
    My best friend is Océane.
    I also have one dog : his name is June.
    I like P.E., music but I hate science.
    I am interested in sport, I don't like basketball but I love athletics and dancing.
    I love sport, cinema and music.
    I'm afraid of spiders and slugs.
    I have already visited Paris, St Malo and Arcachon.
    I practice dancing and drama.
    I would like to be a hairdresser.
    I would like to go to New York.
    I would like to have children when I grow up.

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