• Morgan introduced us to her best friend  Marshel,who came to visit her. He was an assistant last year in Nîmes. He agreed to be interviewed and kindly answered our 21 questions.

    Thank you Morgan and Marshel, we had a great time!

    Our reporters are Maxime and Raphaël, great job boys !

    (Morgan nous à présenté son meilleur ami Marshel qui est venu lui rendre visite. Il était assistant l'année dernière à Nîmes. Il a gentiment accepté d'être interviewé et de répondre à nos 21 questions.

    Merci pour ce bon moment Morgan et Marshel!

    Nos reporters sont Maxime et Raphaël : bon travail les garçons! )

    Meet Marshel : Morgan's best friend THIS IS MORGAN’S BEST FRIEND

    1. What’s his family name and first name?

     His name is Marshel Renz.

    2. When was he born?

    He was born on May, 14th in 1988. (= “He is old” =)

    3. Where was he born?

    He was born in Spokane, WASHINGTON.

    4. Where does he live?

    He lives in SEATTLE.

    5. Has he got any brothers or sisters?

    Yes, he has got 1 sister and 3 brothers.

    6. What are their names?

    Their names are Mercedee, Phillip, Garrett and Stewart.

    7. Has he got a pet?

     Yes, he has got two cats.

    8. What are their names?

    Their names are Dexter and Birdee.

    9. What’s his favorite pet?

    His favorite pet is the PENGUIN.

    10. What’s his favorite color?

    His favorite color is Yellow.

    11. What’s his favorite food?

    His favorite food is spaghetti bolognese.

    12. What’s his favorite movie?

    He loves “The Chronicles of Narnia” and James Bond.

    13. What’s his favorite sport?

    His favorite sport is swimming.

    14. What’s his job?

    He is a sales associate.

    15. What are his parents’ names?

    Their names are Shelly and Phil.

    16. What are their jobs?

    His mother is a private investigator and his father is a stockbroker.

    17. What’s his favorite country?

    His favorite country is the U.S.A

    18. Is he married?

    He is not married. He is single.

    19. Who’s his favorite actor?

    His favorite actor is Daniel Craig.

    20. What’s his favorite music?

    His favorite singer is Quentin Mosimann and his favorite band is C2C.

    21. What country has he visited?

    He has already visited CANADA, ICELAND, U.K., FRANCE, SPAIN, GERMANY and RUSSIA. He loves France.


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