• Juliette

    JulietteMy name is Juliette

    I am 12years old. I was born on the 17th October 2002. I live in Vichy in Auvergne.
    I am middle sized, I have shoulder lenght wary fair hair, I have green eyes. 

    I wear glasses but I also wear contactlenses.
    I am extramely musical and extremely talkative. I am really polite and a happy person.
    I have one sister. Her name is Margaux and she is 17 years old.
    I don't have a pet.
    I like English, Spanish and Music. I don't like Maths and P.E.
    I love candies and vegetables. I  hate fish.
    I would like to attend a Sia concert. My favorite movies are the Harry Potter series.
    I practise dancing and the piano.
    I am scared of spiders.
    I have already been to the U.S.A.
    I would like to work in the hotel industry.
    I would like to live un London.
     I would like to visit New York.

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    Dimanche 22 Novembre 2015 à 11:04

    It's very coolyes

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