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    MarylouHello, my name is Marylou, I am thirteen years old. I was born on the 10 th of august 2002. I live in Vendat, Auvergne .I am middle –sized .I have shoulders length straight blond hair. I have brown and green eyes. I do not wear glasses or contact lenses .I am very optimistic ,a happy person, good tempered ,fun to be with,cool,rather talkative and really artistic and imaginative .

    I like English ,Spanish ,art and physical education . I like baby sitting and I really like dancing .I am scared of clowns ,snakes ,mice and rats .I have already been to Portugal and Spain .I practice drama and dancing .I dream of going to the U.S.A .I have one brother .His name is Clement and he is 9 years old .I have one dog and a guinea pig too .

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