• Quentin

    QuentinHello my name is Quentin, I am 12 years old and I was born on the 5th of December 2002.
    I live in Vichy, in France with my mother and my happy cat.
    I’m really talkative, and extremly good-tempered I’m not selfish at all. I’m not aggressive.
    I have a half-brother, Robin is 27 years old. My mother is a doctor.
    My favorite school subjects are maths and history. I like English and Chinese too but I don’t like French.
    I really like martial arts and climbing but I don’t really like basketball. I like electro music, and I am big fan of the Inception movie.
    I am scared of paranormal and clowns.
    I have already been to London, Malta, the U.S.A and Vienna in Austria.
    I would like to work with mathematics and physics.
    I would like to have 1 million subscribers on YouTube.

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    darcis quentin
    Dimanche 22 Novembre 2015 à 12:18

    cool je suis super fort 

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