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    YannMy name is Yann. I am 12 years old. I was born on the 15th of december 2002. I live Vendat in Auvergne. I am tall. I am 1 meter 74 tall. I have short curly blond hair. I have blue eyes.

    I have one brother , he is 39 years old. My brother has a daughter. Her name is Clarysse she is 11 months. My father is a postman and he is 54. My mother is 59 years old and she is a secretary.

    My favourite school subjects are P.E and English. If not I don't mind Maths and Spanish. I can't bear French.

    I play basketball in a club. I'm scarred of big spiders and I am afraid of bats.

    I am extremely sporty. I'm a little generous. I'm really self-confident and clever. I'm especially cool. And also I'm polite.

    My biggest dream is to integrate the NBA. Maybe you will see my name on one of the team jerseys.

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    darcis quentin
    Dimanche 22 Novembre 2015 à 12:15

    super Yann cool de pouvoir voir toute les présentation et puis je pouvais pas partir sans laisser de commentaire ^^oopseekheclowncool

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