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  •  My name is Sébastien. I’m 13 years old. I’m tall and quite well built with short hair and brown eyes. I sometimes wear bracelets and necklaces. I usually wear jeans and shorts. I often wear casual clothes.

    In my family there are 7 people :

    My father.

    My mother.

    But they are divorced.

    I’ve got 1 brother, his name is Boris.

    I’ve got 3 sisters, their names are Claire, Julia and Margaux.

    I’ve got 2 cats and 2 dogs.

    I love English and PE. I like French but I hate Biology, Spanish and Maths. I really like going to the cinema and watching videos on my computer. In the future I would like to go to New-York, Rio, Los Angeles… . And I would like to be a cook.

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    briceMy name is Brice.

    I’m twelve.

    I was born on November the sixteenth.

    I was born in 1999.

    I live in Vendat.

    I’m tall and slim.

    I have got short fair straight hair, nice teeth and brown eyes.

    I haven’t got brothers and sisters.

    My father is a plumber. My mother works in an elderly people‘s home.

    I like art, English and PE. I hate maths and French. I dislike technology.

    I practice basketball. I play table tennis and rugby. I listen to dancefloor and rap music. I like cinema. I love my console. I’m scared of snakes.

    I have already been to Paris. I USED to visit castles.

    I would like to visit Greece, Italy and Spain. I would like to go to Tahiti and Venice. I would like to become rich.

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    césarMy name is César, I am twelve. I am middle-sized and slim; I have long wavy blond hair.

    I have a nice nose and blue eyes; I am a talkative and sporty boy. I never wear glasses and I never wear bracelets. I sometimes wear casual clothes. I often wear jeans. I’m not a classic boy.

    In my family there are four people, father, mother, my brother and my half sister.

    I really like P.E. I’m fond of Maths and History. I can’t bear geography.

    I really like tennis and I’m fond of soccer. I can’t bear classical music because it’s boring. I love going to go the cinema and surfing on my computer  because it’s fun!

    I have already visited Paris, Nice, Cap d’Agde, Spain and Burkina Faso.

    I used to play football and rugby.

    I don’t know what I want to be later but I would like to visit the U.S.A and Australia.

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    laureMy name is Laure. I’m thirteen and I was born in 1999

    -I am tall and thin. I have long blond straight hair with nice greylue eyes

    -I wear glasses and I often wear bracelets. I usually wear jeans. I’m quite casual.

    -At my father’s house, there are four people and at my mother’s house, there are seven people because I have a step father, one half sister and one half brother. I have two sisters and I have one cat and one dog.

    -I’m really funny. I’m not hard working but I’m quite clever. I’m musical, artistic and imaginative. I’m a little worrier and really messy.

    -I love the cello and I really like the piano. I enjoy the green color. I don’t mind geography but I ‘m fond of maths. I’m interested in history. I’m afraid of insects and reptiles.

    -I practice syncro-swimming and I play the cello in an orchestra.

    -I don’t know what I want to do later but I would like to live in Spain

    _I would like to visit the USA.

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  •  louisMy name is Louis ,

    I’m 13 years old .

    I live in Vendat on Allier. In my home, there are 5 people :

    My father , my mother , my big sister ,my little sister and my cat.

    I’m middle sized and I’m quite slim, I have short,blond , spiky hair ,and nice blue eyes . I sometimes wear a bracelet. In the summer ,I wear t-shirts and shorts but , in the winter , I wear sweaters and jeans : I’m quite trendy . I always wear trainers . I sometimes wear a baseball cap.

    I’m a happy person ,I’m fun to be with but I’m very lazy. I’m quiet but not always. I’m quite anxious and I’m clever .

    I like FC.Barcelona and the  city of Barcelona, Spain and Spanish food very much, I like Hip-Hop music but I hate classical music (especially opera). I don’t like athletics and maths ; I like to chat with my friends .

    I practice swimming and acting with my friends . My favorite subjects are History and Arts but I hate geography and Maths .

    I’m afraid of snakes .

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